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Το πληρέστερο ηλεκτρονικό κατάστημα πισίνας!

The Best panel pools!
25 years warranty
Skimmer, Overflow, Infinity, Miroir
Various dimensions
Many colors of liner
lining Engine room of your choice
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Skimmer poolσ with plastic panel!
Ηigh resistance panels
Many liner colors
Engine room of your choice
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Fairlocks vacuum head!!
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101 €+vat
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Madagascar prokat swimming pool
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From 4.800 + VAT
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Γαλβανισμένο πάνελ με επεξεργασία optigal
5 διαφορετικά oval μεγέθη
περιλαμβάνεται όλος o εξοπλισμός
Active clear glass 1-3ΜΜ 25KG ASTRALPOOL Active clear glass 1-3ΜΜ 25KG ASTRALPOOL
Hot --4 %
Brand: Astralpool
Viron Active Glass Media Glass filter media may look the same but Viron Active Glass Media has a negative electrical charge which conventional glass d..
17.34€ 16.74€
Ex Tax:13.98€
Brand: Astralpool
Made of polished INOX 304 stainless steel. Φ43mm. It can be hung on the wall or fitted to a lifebelt holder post (code 01371). It is supplied with wal..
85.99€ 94.69€
Ex Tax:69.35€
Brand: IML
Pool water pump without IML CALA prefilter, for private and business premises, with the following technical characteristics:• Special design for anti-..
433.90€ 434.00€
Ex Tax:349.92€
Deep water leaf skimmers Shark Deep water leaf skimmers Shark
Hot -20 %
Brand: Shark
Specifically designed to collect leaves and other materials from the bottom or surface of your pool. Manufactured from shark grey polypropylene. The p..
8.88€ 11.16€
Ex Tax:7.16€
-14 % Available
ΠΡΟΛΗΨΗ ΓΙΑ ΤΙΣ ΕΠΙΚΑΘΗΣΕΙΣ ΤΩΝ ΑΛΑΤΩΝΤο PRESCAL – X είναι ειδικό προϊόν το οποίο εμποδίζει την απόθεση αλάτων στα τοιχώματα των κολυμβητικών δεξαμενώ..
Ex Tax:44.00€
Brand: Astralpool
Non comburent solid compound in the form of 200gr tablets, especially formulated to achieve the elimination of bacteria, viruses and microorganisms in..
Ex Tax:55.00€
Brand: Astralpool
Product in liquid form to adjust the pH of the water of swimming Pools.DOSAGE:Add 1,2lt PH (-) MINUS per 100m3 of water to achieve ph reduction by 0.2..
Ex Tax:31.05€
Brand: Astralpool
Fast dissolving organic compound with 55% available chlorine, stabilized for the treatment of pool water. DOSAGE: Initial Treatment: Add 10 - 15gr of ..
Ex Tax:43.50€
Brand: HANNA
Το φορητό φωτόμετρο HI971044 Pool Line έχει σχεδιαστεί για τη μέτρηση του pH, της αλκαλικότητας, του ελεύθερου & ολικού χλωρίου και του κυανουρικού οξ..
Ex Tax:348.00€
ABS flat extra slim light Ø200mm x 8mm with resin board. The leds are impregnated in resin with IP68 waterproof Protection- Available in 378led 25w/12..
Ex Tax:120.00€
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