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Το πληρέστερο ηλεκτρονικό κατάστημα πισίνας!

How to order and shipping methods

Order from our web site .

●from our eshop,

• via e-mail,

• by phone at 2610338043- 2610338011

• clicking under the product where it says telephone order

• by message on viber, what's up 6980336043
Find the products that you are interested through search mechanisms or by various thematic pages . Click the Add to cart next to the item you want and it will be added to your online shopping cart . Fill out the order form and select payment method and shipping .

The can serve customers from all over Greece and abroad .

▪Free collection from our store in Patras or our carrier in Athens

 We will notify you by phone or you will receive an email or SMS notification that      your order is ready.

-Our transport company is located at: 69 Faonos, Athens 104 42, phone 2105140357

-Our store is located at: 34 Aigeos, Patras 26332, phone 2610338043

You can pick up your order from our store: MONDAY - FRIDAY from 09:00 in the morning to 17:00 in the afternoon

▪Delivery by our specialized staff

The delivery of these orders takes place after consultation with the shipping department and if there is a route in your area

The mainland prefectures of Achaia, Ilia and Corinthia are included in the network.


▪Shipping to your location

A. By Courier

The products are sent by courier companies throughout Greece and abroad, the delivery time is 2-3 working days.

• Through Elta courier the cost is €3.00 up to 2 kg + €1 for each additional kg (24% VAT is not included in the price).

• Through Speedex the cost is €2.90 up to 2 kg + €1 for each additional kg (24% VAT is not included in the price).

• Via General Post the cost is €3.50 up to 2 kg + €1.20 for each additional kg (24% VAT is not included in the price).


In case of cash on delivery there is an additional charge of €1.50 plus 24% VAT


Pay attention to the hard-to-reach areas designated by each courier, there are different charges.


B. Delivery to your carrier

In case of transport, we deliver to your transport company in Athens or Patras free of charge.

C. By Transport Company

Shipping ALL OVER GREECE with a transport agency of our own cooperation, with transport charges per parcel, volume and area. An indicative shipping fee is calculated during the process of registering your order in our system.

The shipment is carried out from our store to the transport agency at the final destination. In order to send the orders with a transport company, it is necessary to prepay the products.

We are not responsible for the transportation of the products from the shipping agency to your location.
D. Shipments to Countries outside of Greece

Shipping costs to countries outside of Greece are calculated on a case-by-case basis depending on the zone to which the country of delivery belongs.


By the term availability we mean the time that will elapse from the dispatch of your order to the time your order is received.

We will inform you by phone or email if some items from your order are not available. There are some cases where the stock may be out of stock. Also, there are new products announced by the manufacturer, ordered by us and expected. The orders you place from our online store are sent to you via the transport company that you have indicated through the order form. That is, either through Courier, or through ELTA DOOR-TO-DOOR couriers, to the place you have indicated to us and within a period of 1-5 working days from the date of approval of the order. Orders placed from Friday noon to Sunday evening will be processed from Monday morning. In addition, we provide you with the possibility to choose whether you wish to receive all products, which may, due to their different availability, have a different delivery time, with a shipment to their place of delivery at the latest date and as soon as it is possible to deliver them or to receive them with partial deliver the products according to the time they can be delivered to you.


If in any case for reasons of force majeure (such as bad weather, strikes) it is not possible to complete the delivery of your order within the predetermined time period, to which we have committed, we will contact you to inform you and tell us if finally you wish to complete your order.


Our company has absolutely no responsibility for possible damages that may occur to customers from the non-execution of an order. In addition, our online store reserves the right to deliver orders in cases of force majeure or when the goods ordered are not available from the respective supplier. In these cases, our online store takes care of updating you.


Sometimes parcels are returned to us because for various reasons they were not delivered. When a package is returned to us that has already been paid for, we credit the customer's account (including shipping costs). The customer will be informed about the return of the package and if he wants us to send it again he will have to re-register the order at Possible reasons why a parcel may not be delivered are as follows: Incorrect address. Please be sure and double check that the full address you enter on our online store is correct. Other management problems. Sometimes the label can get damaged during the shipping process and not be readable by the carrier. Other times the carrier may leave the package at the wrong address.

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