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Brand: lo-chlor Model: LOCHLOR-11
Description FILTER CLEANER and DEGREASER LO – CHLOR 1 lt superior formula cleaner for pool filters. Proven formulation. Breaks down calcium scale. Removes body fats, grime and dead algae spores. Ideal for cleaning filters on spring open up and winterisation. Filter Cleaner & Degreaser is a superi..
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Brand: Gre Model: GFL5
Product characteristics:Glove with integrated sponge to clean the pool flotation lineThe sponge is fitted into the palm for more comfortApt for all types of pools and coatingsAllows removing the embedded stains on the flotation line or edge of the poolAvoids appearance of fungi or bacteriaManufactur..
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Model: LOCHLOR-7
DescriptionLEAK SEALER LO -CHLOR to fix a leak in pools. Very easy and economical to use. Can prevent unwanted spend on unnecessary works. Concentrated formula. Leak Sealer is specifically designed to seal minor leaks in swimming pools. If you have a leak, then this product should be your first opti..
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Brand: lo-chlor Model: LOCHLOR-31
Quickly removes stone, oils, body fats and impurities using a unique "NO SOAK" formula. Cleaner for marble, paving and tiles General instructions 1.Wear protective gloves and use outdoors / in well-ventilated areas. To Avoid using it on windy days. 2. Before cleaning, make sure that the area to be ..
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Model: LOCHLOR-20
MAXI FLOC PLUSFastest working flocculant on the market. Leaves no messy residue in the pool. Can be used on all pool finishes. Compatible with all known pool treatments.Maxi-Floc Plus is a fast-acting heavy duty flocculant that restores clarity to the cloudiest pools. Maxi-Floc Plus leaves no m..
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Model: LOCHLOR-3
Cleanser - Its function is to group tiny particles thatcan not be retained by the filtration medium CLEARING MIRACLEAR POOL CLARIFIER1lt LO - CHLOR. The best solution for crystal clear pool water It will clearthe most blurred pool in a few hours and its action lasts for 30 days. Dosage:100ml per 10m..
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Model: LOCHLOR-23
DescriptionMULTI STAIN REMOVER 1kg LO – CHLOR the ultimate stain remover. An excellent general purpose stain treatment. Fast acting. Very easy and economical to use. It may be used in all types of pool finishes. Multi Stain Remover is specifically designed to remove stains such as iron, copper, mang..
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Model: LOCHLOR-9
Removes and protects from phosphate-carbonate-magnesium salts in swimming pools (surface, heating systems, filters) and hydromassageNO MORE SCALE LO - CHLOR The No More Scale product will remove and protect the pool from scale deposits It also "softens" existing deposits.Phosphate Free - Does not ad..
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Brand: Astralpool Model: 15988
Special cleaner for desalination and internal cleaning of sand filters. Solid cleaner specially designed for the elimination of limestone coatings, residues, organic and mineral sediments that over time form and adhere to the filter and the various surfaces of the pool of polyester and fiberglass. I..
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Model: 1.667-291.3
ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ ΣΥΝΤΗΡΗΣΗ ΓΙΑ ΤΙΣ ΣΩΛΗΝΩΣΕΙΣ ΔΕΝ ΧΡΕΙΑΖΕΤΑΙ ΞΕΒΓΑΛΜΑ Ειδικό προϊόν, εξαιρετικά αποτελεσματικό για τον καθαρισμό και τη φροντίδα των σωληνώσεων ανακυκλοφορίας των spa και υδρομασάζ καθώς και των επιφανειών τους από άλατα, άλγεα, μούχλες , πρασινίλες. ΚΑΘΑΡΙΖΕΙ και ΣΥΝΤΗΡΕΙ ΤΙΣ ΣΩΛΗΝΩ..
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Brand: Gre Model: WFL6
Resting within the skimmer, they absorb and retain the greasy substances found on the water's surface: products of creams, sun tan lotions and air pollution residue. ..
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Model: LOCHLOR-5
Lo-Chlor Starver® X is both the treatment and the prevention of phosphates. It is the ideal shock when phosphate levels are 200ppb or more. This unique product should be the initial treatment when starting the pool. Safe and highly effective phosphate removal solution from its swimming pools, founta..
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Model: LOCHLOR-35
Applies to an empty pool Spray and leave for 10-30 minutes depending on the stain and rub the surfaces with a sponge Lo-Chlor Liner & Tile cleaner removes dust, oils, sunscreens and creams that accumulate and settle on the waterline. If the water line is not cleaned, it can become a breeding ground ..
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Brand: lo-chlor Model: LOCHLOR-13
Concentrated algaecide for algae ALGEOCIDON TOTALALGAECIDE LO - CHLOR 2.5lt Concentrated double action formula that kills persistentalgae. Effective against persistent green, cyan, black and yellow algae.Effective over a wide range of pH values. Add 1.1L for 50,000 liters of pool water It can be use..
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Model: LOCHLOR-16
Cleanser that removes grease, oils and stops the color of the waterline CLEARING ULTRA-KLEER 1lt LO-CHLOR. A quick natural cleanser to bring glow back to your pool. Ultra-Kleer Clarifier is a fast natural clarifier based on a natural polymer called Chitosan. It is specially designed to remove gr..
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Model: LOCHLOR-17
Cleanser that removes grease, oils and stops the colorof the waterlineCLEARINGULTRA-KLEER 5lt LO-CHLOR.A quick naturalcleanser to bring glow back to your pool.Ultra-KleerClarifier is a fast natural clarifier based on a natural polymer calledChitosan.It is speciallydesigned to remove grease, oils and..
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Model: 07.0009
Danger   H319 Causes serious eye irritation.H402 Harmful to aquatic life...
Ex Tax:13.90€
Model: 07.0007
Special product for cleaning stains, salts, algae, for surfaces (walls-floors), tiles, joints, liner, polyester, swimming pools. DESCALE is especially recommended for descaling! The main advantage of DESCALE over other acidic products or common acids is the less acidic fumes that are generated durin..
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Brand: Astralpool Model: 11431
Prevents limescale.DOSAGEInitial Treatment: Add 2.5 lts. of product per 100 m3 of water.Maintenance Treatment: Add 0.5 lts. of product per 100 m3 of water once a week.These doses are indicative and can be modified depending on the hardness and salt content of the waterDANGERH314 Causes severe skin b..
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