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Το πληρέστερο ηλεκτρονικό κατάστημα πισίνας!


Brand: Astralpool Model: 35377
New Countercurrent Swimming Equipment. The innovative design and concept venid the kit ( featuring dial, housing, control box and jet flor pump ) make it a element which will add significant value to your pool. A highly competitive product thanks to its top of the range hydraulic features, the M..
Ex Tax:1,397.76€
Opposite swim set 25m3/h Opposite swim set 25m3/h
Model: 231610S
Pure power from an adjustable nozzle challenges the swimmer to achieve maximum performance in his own pool. The BADUJET Active Version 2 is designed for upgrading existing units so it adapts perfectly to any swimming pool. The small, reliable yet extremely inexpensive overhang counter swim unit offe..
Ex Tax:1,600.00€
Model: Jet Swim 2000
Jet Swim housing made of bronze and front of polished acid-proof stainless steel AISI-316 for mounting in concrete, wood or building block walls. Bronze pump with 4,0 kw motor. Control box including contactor and overload protection. Air mixture control. Air mixture hose. Hose connectors. Hose clamp..
Ex Tax:4,200.00€
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