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Air Blowers

Brand: Balboa Model: G120-2NN-S
Genesis spa air blower hydro-air     Available in : 1200 Watts. The blower is an air booster that sends air through the little nozzles in your spa. Thousands of bubbles therefore rise to the surface. To supply 8 to 15 jet nozzles. Maximum distance from the spa: 5 meters. Union include : 32mm To con..
Ex Tax:240.00€
Air Blowers 1.6KW three phase 50HZ/2.55KW
Brand: Astralpool Model: 31092-2450
1.6 KW 3 phase 210 m3/h. 190 mbar. 220/380 V Air pump designed for spas, baths, hydromassage installations and similar which produces a constant stream of air bubbles at medium and high air volume levels. It can also be used to stir up the filter bed, for example in back wash cycles where a low int..
Ex Tax:560.00€
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