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Saunas Cabins

The term sauna or thermal bath denotes the process of exposure of the body to high temperatures (80 to 120 degrees Celsius) over a period of 10-15min.. It is then recommended to cool the body by contacting cold water or snow. It also indicates the chamber in which the high temperature prevails and which has a special construction, usually of coniferous wood. Dry heat is provided by an electric heater filled with stones, acting directly on the body, causing intense sweating. The skin pores dilate and the body "cleanses" the toxins. A habit that came from distant Finland, and was established internationally as one of the most widespread methods of detoxification of the human body. The use of the sauna is also a very good muscle repair factor after strong workouts. The athletes recovery, and in particular his muscular recovery, is just as important as his training.
Harmony sauna for 4 people 1.75x1.30x2.05
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Model: 02.895
Harmony Sauna Features- Indoor sauna - Capacity: 4 people- Cabin made of solid fir wood 4cm thick- External Dimensions: Height 2.05 m X Width 1.50 m X Length 1.60 m- 8KW 220/380V power heater (stainless steel)- Two benches in 2.5cm thickness levels. , wooden footstool, wooden lamps.- 8mm thick clear..
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