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Το πληρέστερο ηλεκτρονικό κατάστημα πισίνας!


Brand: STEIEL Model: NSP162
NOVA NSP162 is a professional electromagnetic pump, with high level hydraulic system and built-in pH/ORP meter, designed for wall mounting.It has a dosing chamber with anti-leakage system to the magnet and a range of advanced features, standard and optional.Available in different flow rate options, ..
Ex Tax:415.00€
Level switch
Brand: STEIEL Model: 02.818
Chemical level sensor for protection of dry dosing pumps. The float is applied to the suction foot valves and gives a cold contact signal Available in PC versions dosing steiel & BSV. (SLP2 + SLP3)..
Ex Tax:48.00€
Brand: STEIEL Model: 01.023
Adjustable flow peristaltic dosing pump (inverter motor) with trimmer (0~4lt/h), with polypropylene body and durable santoprene head tube. The network has a cross-section of 4x6mm with a back pressure capacity of 1.5 bar.The kit includes:Wall mounting baseNon-return foot valve (1/2)Injection with re..
Ex Tax:169.00€
Ph/redox measuring calculator 230v
Brand: STEIEL Model: 01.226
PH / RX measurement and control computer consisting of a digital regulator PH (14ph) or REDOX (999mv).The system has set point, external consent, hysteresis, level sensor output, calibration mode, alarm, adjustable operating range...
Ex Tax:275.00€
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