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Το πληρέστερο ηλεκτρονικό κατάστημα πισίνας!


Brand: Gre Model: 40041SN
Βούρτσα κάτω ιδανική για τον καθαρισμό του πυθμένα και των τοίχων της πισίνας λόγω του ιδιαίτερου καμπυλωμένου σχήματός της, ιδανική για γωνίες. Στερέωση στη λαβή μέσω συστήματος κλιπ. Χαρακτηριστικά: · Βούρτσα 25 cm για τον καθαρισμό του πυθμένα, των τοίχων και της ίσαλο γραμμής της πισίνας. · Το ..
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Brand: Gre Model: VCB50P
Product characteristics:  VCB50P is an      autonomous electric pool cleaner  Multi speed battery cleaner for pools and spas  Lithium battery with      great autonomy (up to 90 minutes)  Ideal for step and      difficult access zones  Rechargeable and      wire-less for greater comfort with 6 l..
Ex Tax:280.00€
Brand: Gre Model: LEDRC
High performance colored LED lamp.The light automatically changes color (green, blue and red) Connects to the return valve.Works without the need for batteries Produces light at no cost. Adjustable light Absorbs the energy produced by the water flow of the filtration system. Adaptable for both self-..
Ex Tax:25.00€
Brand: Gre Model: GFL5
Product characteristics:Glove with integrated sponge to clean the pool flotation lineThe sponge is fitted into the palm for more comfortApt for all types of pools and coatingsAllows removing the embedded stains on the flotation line or edge of the poolAvoids appearance of fungi or bacteriaManufactur..
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Brand: Gre Model: 71606-FDR
Mini heat pumps are the new heat pump models available on the pool market. These heat pumps are installed in the same circuit as the pool filtration and do not require prior installation. It can be installed in any type of pool: composite wood steel inflatable or tubular and they are also adapted to..
Ex Tax:655.00€
Brand: Gre Model: SH70
DescriptionSystem for heating the pool water through solar action. It allows to increase the temperature of your pool by the action of the sun. The heaters can be connected together.Product characteristics:  Solar heater for above ground pools  1 units      for each 7m³  2 m³/h is the minimum flow r..
Ex Tax:143.00€
Brand: Gre Model: AR2069
Equipment Product characteristics: Heating system to acclimatise the water of above ground poolsIncrease the water temperature by 6°CMore than 12 kW/h of heat by dayNeeds minimum recommended pump power of 1/2 CVEasy installation and de-ins..
Ex Tax:153.50€
Brand: Gre Model: WFL6
Resting within the skimmer, they absorb and retain the greasy substances found on the water's surface: products of creams, sun tan lotions and air pollution residue. ..
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Brand: Gre Model: 90135
Applies to an empty pool Spray and leave for 10-30 minutes depending on the stain and rub the surfaces with a sponge Lo-Chlor Liner & Tile cleaner removes dust, oils, sunscreens and creams that accumulate and settle on the waterline. If the water line is not cleaned, it can become a breeding ground ..
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Brand: Gre Model: 800002
Product description:Round wooden pool manufactured in France from French Scots pineCommercial dimension: Ø400 x ↕119 cmReference: VANILLE 2 800002Dimensions:External dimension: Ø400 x 119 cmInternal dimension: Ø343 x 116 cmWater volume: 8 m³Equipment:Blue PVC liner with anti-UV treatment - liner thi..
Ex Tax:2,770.00€
Brand: Gre Model: EPE30
GRE proposes a wide range of ladders for in ground pools of different sizes and manufactured with different materials. The range of stairs for inground pools is made by a very high quality and has passed several levels of quality control.Product characteristics: Synthetic stairs to be incorporated ..
Ex Tax:381.00€
Brand: Gre Model: 40070
Product characteristics:Floating dispenser with built-in thermometerRegulates the quantity of chemicals and controls the temperature of the waterIt has an upper cover for the simple change of tabletsIncludes visor that chemically controls consumption of chemical productCapacity for 1.5 Kg. 20 g to 5..
Ex Tax:7.50€
Brand: Gre Model: PLED1C
LED light with colors for above ground pools from the Spanish house of GRE.GREs LED lights will give your above ground metal pool a pleasant look as they use an internal magnet to attach to its walls. They are small, durable and easy to use. The light runs on 3 AA batteries (not included). It has a ..
Ex Tax:22.00€
Brand: Gre Model: 76011
A polymer flocculant with great coagulating and flocculating properties. Capable of removing particles in suspension found in pool water.DOSAGE:Recovery Treatment: Ensure the filtration equipment is switched off and the pool empty of bathers before adding 10 ml. per m³ of water. Pour the necessary d..
Ex Tax:7.90€
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