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Brand: lo-chlor Model: LOCHLOR-11
Description FILTER CLEANER and DEGREASER LO – CHLOR 1 lt superior formula cleaner for pool filters. Proven formulation. Breaks down calcium scale. Removes body fats, grime and dead algae spores. Ideal for cleaning filters on spring open up and winterisation. Filter Cleaner & Degreaser is a superi..
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Brand: lo-chlor Model: LOCHLOR-31
Quickly removes stone, oils, body fats and impurities using a unique "NO SOAK" formula. Cleaner for marble, paving and tiles General instructions 1.Wear protective gloves and use outdoors / in well-ventilated areas. To Avoid using it on windy days. 2. Before cleaning, make sure that the area to be ..
Ex Tax:16.00€
Brand: lo-chlor Model: LOCHLOR-13
Concentrated algaecide for algae ALGEOCIDON TOTALALGAECIDE LO - CHLOR 2.5lt Concentrated double action formula that kills persistentalgae. Effective against persistent green, cyan, black and yellow algae.Effective over a wide range of pH values. Add 1.1L for 50,000 liters of pool water It can be use..
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Brand: lo-chlor Model: STR3IN1
Instructions for use: • Dip the tape into the pool water for 2 seconds • Hold the tape in a horizontal position for 30 seconds, without wiping the water on the tape • Compare the color of the tape with the color chart of the package • Store the package in a cool, damp place Manufacturer OEM  ..
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