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Air-water heat pump Hayward energy pro 10kw

Air-water heat pump Hayward energy pro 10kw
Air-water heat pump Hayward energy pro 10kw
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    Air/water heat pumps transfer energy from the air to the pool water. The amazing thing is that even cold air has energy that the pump captures and turns into heating.

    So for example it is possible to heat a swimming pool and maintain its temperature at 28°C even with negative outside temperatures during the winter.

    The "IN-Tech Full Inverter" technology is the combination of a Mitsubishi CPS Inverter compressor and a DC inverter fan.

    • Smart Temp® included

    • This allows its power to be adapted to the climatic constraints and energy requirements of the pool

    • In setting mode we have energy savings of up to 30%

    • Self-adjusting defrost system to optimize defrost cycles

    • Operates at low RPM for quiet nighttime operation

    • Large control screen with Real-Time display of information (diagnostic tool for professionals)

    • Six reports available up to: -12 °C/COP>5*/140m³

    *Air 27°C and water 26°C


    An isothermal cover is needed to maintain the temperatures listed.

    2 year guarantee of good operation for the whole range of heat pumps.
    Manafacturer Hayward
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